Click on any language

RadioReport® is language independent. The report can be prepared in one language and printed out in another. It might be the local language or another that is required at the time. RadioReport® therefore expands the pool of staff capable of generating high-quality reports that are complete, error-free and universally comprehensible.

In many cases, non-native-speaking doctors are practically excluded from effectively participating in the creation of reports. With RadioReport®, these doctors’ expertise can be fully included.

Teleradiology and outsourcing

A further dimension of language independence and the level of standardization offered by RadioReport® is its teleradiology capability. It is now possible to obtain the efficient services of radiologists anywhere in the world. They all work to the same standards and are able to report in the language of their choice. Whenever radiology departments are struggling with peak times and require assistance, they can outsource their reporting with the aid of RadioReport®. For example, the software can be used to generate “preliminary reports” that then only need to be validated. At the same time, RadioReport® can be relied on to maintain quality standards.

The patient’s report – in the language of their choice

A separate RadioReport® module automatically generates the patient’s report – a letter describing the imaging results in layman’s terms.* The benefit from the referring doctor’s perspective: This report format can significantly improve the patients’ adherence to therapy.

Additional feature: RadioReport®’s language independence also means that patients can immediately be provided with a report of their imaging results in the language of their choice.

The very first automatic issue of ICD-10 codes for the full spectrum of MRI/CT indications*

RadioReport® automatically generates a full list of ICD-10 codes to accompany each report. This considerably simplifies invoicing and saves additional time.

Ticket to the future

  • Multilingual – error-free translation possible with a single mouse click, imaging reporting and report text possible in a selection of languages
  • New horizons in teleradiology
  • Fully integrable into RIS and PACS; all interfaces prepared (including DICOM, HL7)
  • Ready for big data and AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Patient-friendly – automatic generation of a second, easily comprehensible report format with no specialist terminology*
  • The very first automatic issue of ICD-10 codes for the full spectrum of MRI/CT indications*

* optional feature