Quality under time pressure

The growing pressure on reporting radiologists is the reason for the central questions currently facing radiology departments all over the world:

  • How can reports be prepared on the daily mountain of images without a loss of quality?
  • To what extent can the radiologist compromise on quality in reporting and how is a suitable approach to be managed?

Higher quality

  • RadioReport® helps to ensure the completeness of the radiological report: Required fields help to avoid omissions
  • Plausibility checks help to prevent contradictions
  • Integrated expert know-how: The imaging reports provide the referring physicians with the relevant information in unequivocal, standardized language
  • The report contains no contradictions between the findings and the assessment

Managing quality

Quality management can be extremely important, especially in stressful situations and where time pressure exists. RadioReport® offers various different functionalities with which the report generation speed can be increased in a “controlled way”, so to speak, which means the radiologist can work flexibly as the situation demands. In addition, the software offers different “decision paths”, which may be selected to suit the level of experience.

Improved quality within the team

By using RadioReport®, inexperienced doctors can create reports of significantly higher quality, while correction processes are vastly simplified. This means that pressure on experienced radiologists is relieved and the entire team benefits from greater efficiency and higher quality.

Better use of expertise

At the present moment, large numbers of medical personnel in all developed countries are not native speakers of that country’s language. Although their medical knowledge and the quality of their training cannot be faulted, it is a different matter where their ability to produce linguistically flawless reports is concerned. In many cases, non-native-speaking doctors are practically excluded from effectively participating in the creation of reports.