RadioReport® – the idea

Radiology is a high-tech discipline. The scanners have been improved in recent years and are becoming faster. More and more data is generated. Only diagnostic reporting, the radiologist’s most important task, has barely changed.

RadioReport® was developed to give people working in the system more scope and development

"Guided reporting" – rethinking the reporting process

Radiologists enjoy poring over images. “Reading” and analyzing the information they contain is satisfying and demanding work. It’s just the documentation that’s not so much fun. RadioReport® is set to change all that.

Quality under time pressure

The growing pressure on radiologists when reporting is the reason for the central questions currently facing radiology departments all over the world:

  • How can reports be prepared on the daily mountain of images without a loss of quality?
  • To what extent can the radiologist compromise on quality in reporting and how is a suitable approach to be managed?

Get reports done faster

RadioReport® drastically reduces reporting time. The time-consuming reporting method of free-text dictation has outlived its usefulness.

Ticket to the future

RadioReport® provides features that make it possible for new success factors to arise and to actively shape the future in radiological departments.

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