Developed by physicians for physicians

  • Diagnostic reporting by area of the body instead of pathology orientation
  • No templates – only 23 modules cover the entire spectrum of MRI/CT indications
  • The software maps the cognitive “decision trees” of specialists
  • Automatic generation of a full and error-free report text

A more important role

Radiological reports are among the most detailed and complete in diagnostics. They contain probably the most valuable information anywhere in medicine.

The RadioReport® software enables radiologists to refer to historical reports, and to search and filter the data according to any criteria they wish. This means reports based on far broader knowledge. Thanks to its strict standardization of terminology and linguistic expression, with RadioReport® radiologists can be sure the findings they detail are complete and not open to misinterpretation. Higher reporting quality and clearer communication will in future place the radiologist more in the center of the entire care process.

Improved communication with the referring physician

All radiologists have their own personal style of communicating their findings. Yet it is precisely this individuality of expression that frequently hinders optimal communication with referring treating clinicians. That’s why reports are often only partly or superficially read. And so valuable knowledge is lost.

RadioReport® reduces diagnostic reports to essentials. The reports are rigorous, standardized and complete. This will help to close the communication gap between radiologists and referring physicians.

Benefit from a broad knowledge base

Each time the radiologist uses RadioReport®, he or she increases the knowledge within the specialist intellectual network in a hospital, a practice or even a chain of clinics. In doing so, the radiologist departs from the isolation of the individual case and improves the performance capability of a knowledge database in which each user can participate within his or her respective group. RadioReport® actively assists users and associations to set up such databases.

Radiologists as the avant-garde of digital technology

With RadioReport®, radiologists now have the opportunity to work with a system based on the latest in technology. It offers radiologists the opportunity to spearhead the health IT revolution. This way, they can gain access to immensely valuable healthcare data.

Teleradiology: Expertise and experience as a global offering

RadioReport® offers radiologists the opportunity to internationalize their services. They all work according to the same standards, in the same structures – and in the language in which they received their training. Whenever doctors, practices or clinics require help at peak times or when they wish to reduce their costs, they can readily outsource their reporting – even to other countries. RadioReport® helps to maintain quality standards in teleradiology. What this means for radiologists is, among other things, that they are far less dependent on the local infrastructure, and gain freedom and flexibility.

Structured according to anatomy – not pathologies

With only 23 modules (MRI/CT), RadioReport® covers the full spectrum of body regions in radiological imaging. For the optimization of the different modules, experts in the respective indication aided their development. In addition, referring physicians were brought in to give their perspective.

Intuitive user navigation

Classic radiological reporting can be repetitive and tedious. The process nonetheless requires a consistently high level of concentration.

RadioReport® was jointly developed over many years by radiologists and UX designers. The result is a system that fits perfectly into the radiologist’s daily routine. That’s why a great deal of importance was attached to simple orientation and usability in the development of the screen design. Graphic operating elements make for a smooth, seamless process that’s fast and a pleasure to use.

Only minimal initial investment required. No expensive training. Full integration into existing systems (PACS and RIS).

RadioReport® requires only minimal investment from the user. Initial costs, for example for the purchase of a system, do not arise because RadioReport® is based on a pay-per-use-system. Except for very brief on-the-job training, no further training or familiarization is needed to use RadioReport®. RadioReport® can be effortlessly integrated into existing PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) and RIS (Radiology Information Systems).